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Textbook Rebinding

Reduce your textbook costs by 60%, 70% 80% – even 90% by…REBINDING YOUR TEXTBOOKS WITH AcmeBinding!

In today's economy, school administrators are forced to make the most of an increasingly limited budget. The purchase of textbooks represents a considerable investment; you hope that they will last for many years but this is often not the case.


Textbook rebinding is done at the following four locations. Please contact the facility nearest you for more information.

  • Charlestown, MA
  • Chesterland, OH
  • Greensboro, NC
  • North Manchester, IN


The actual lifespan of textbooks varies greatly. Some remain in useable condition for many years, while others may last for only one year. Because they are so susceptible to damage, even through normal use, textbooks represent an unpredictable and sometimes major expenditure that often cannot be assessed until the end of the school year. 

An Expensive Problem

The cost of new textbooks can range from $40 to $100 – a very high price to pay for something that must be replaced due to poor physical condition alone. We can help!

Before Rebinding sample

Before Rebinding

After Rebinding Sample

After Rebinding

An Economical Solution

Most textbooks that are in poor condition, yet are still valid within their curriculum, can be rebound into like-new condition by AcmeBinding. And your worn textbooks can be rebound for a fraction of the replacement cost, often saving as much as 90%! Your rebound textbooks have colorful, bright covers with a durable finish; the pages are bound snugly in the case with clean, marking-free edges. Often your rebound textbooks will be more durable than they were originally.

Getting Started

Get started right away by requesting our Textbook Rebinding Packet.

Please include your name, school or school district name, address, telephone and contact name. We have contracts with many districts across the country and we may already be your vendor!

You may also request a packet by calling the bindery location that is closest to you.

North Manchester, Indiana – Phone: (800) 334-3628, fax: (260) 982-1130

Greensboro, North Carolina – Phone: (800) 444-7534, fax: (336) 931-0711

Chesterland, Ohio – Phone: (888) 485-5415, fax: (440) 729-9415

Once you have determined your rebinding needs, follow the instructions in your packet to have your books rebound and returned to you in time for the 2013-2014 school year. We look forward to assisting you with your textbook and library needs!

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