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Browns Summit Facility Information

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6204 Corporate Park Drive

Browns Summit, NC 27214-9745

Phone: (336) 931-0800

Fax: (336) 931-0711

Toll Free: (800) 444-7534

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday, 7:30 – 5:00 EST/EDT

Friday, 7:30 – 4:00 EST/EDT

Key Personnel

Scott May, VP & General Manager,

Dennis Hisey, Co-Plant manager,

Mike Casserman, Co-Plant Manager,

Meg Clark, Customer Service for Human Resources and Payables,

Leo Bridges, Customer Service for Invoicing and Transportation,

Brian Crean, Registrar for Etherington Conservations Services,

Terry Dickerson, Registrar for Digital Solutions Services,

ABLE Bindery Preparation Software

If you need assistance with ABLE bindery preparation software ONLY , email

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