Library Binding, Textbook Rebinding, Fine & Hand Binding, Trade Binding, Thesis Book Binding, Prebinding

Period Style & Traditional Bindings

In our shop we have more than 3,000 brass finishing tools for gold work. These allow our finishers to match any binding style, from medieval to modern. We still use genuine gold leaf (not foil) which imparts a brilliance and vitality that is unsurpassed. We stock imported calfskins of excellent quality, along with top grades of Nigerian Moroccos. Harcourt's collection of hand marbled papers ranges from 18th century facsimiles to genuine 19th century papers; modern papers include batik, printed stock, and hand marbled papers from craftsmen representing seven countries.

Our staff is also skilled in antique sprinkling techniques, laced-in bindings, and other technical aspects of historical bindings.

We also specialize in creating unique or traditional Books of Remembrance, ledgers, guest books, blank books and diaries.

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