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Since 1900, The Harcourt Bindery has been committed to the ideal of producing superior bindings using the best possible materials. We feel a responsibility to help provide such supplies to others who share our ideals. The contacts established during our 100 years in business, and new suppliers recently discovered, make us a clearing-house for quality items needed for quality work.

We sell only what we use. As a result, our catalog is ambitiously small and select. Knowing our stock so well, our staff can answer questions about any item with the authority of direct, hands-on experience.

We trust that our standards are held in common by you, whether professional or amateur, and that you will benefit from our sources of supply.


Catalog of Supplies

Special items including leather, hand-made papers, bookcloths, used tools and equipment.


Sharf-Fix Skiving Machine

Edge-Gilding Machine

Book Cloths

Hand-Made Paper

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