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KASEBoxesAn Ideal Microenvironment!

KASEBox provides an ideal microenvironment for your materials, protecting them from the effects of light, wear, impurities in the air, as well as variations in temperature and humidity. It is a high-quality and economical enclosure that is custom produced to fit each individual piece securely.

Each KASEBox enclosure is made of acid-free/lignin-free e-flute corrugated board that is buffered with calcium carbonate. The standard board is a clean-looking blue/gray color with strength ratings in excess of 200 lb. test.

Lettering is applied to the enclosure by plotting directly on the board, or a label can be applied.

Two Styles

KASEBox enclosures are available in two standard styles: clamshell and portfolio. Additionally, KASEBoxes are available in phase box, telescoping lid, and slipcase styles.

Your Materials Stay In The Library

One of the most attractive features of the KASEBox enclosure is that it is made from your measurements, not your materials. You will be supplied with instructions that will guide you through the simple process of measuring your materials. You simply send us the measurements, and we send you the finished box.

Electronic Ordering

Through our web site, we offer an application that you can download and use to enter measurements and submit orders electronically.

More Information...

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