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Library Assistance Services

Library Assistance Services allow libraries to reduce the amount of staff time needed to process volumes both before and after binding.

Box and Bind services include the various steps that are performed before volumes are sent for binding or during the binding process.

Shelf Help shelf-ready services include steps that are typically performed after the bound volumes are returned from the bindery.

Box and Bind: Bindery Preparation Services

Box and Bind services include the following:

Bindery Preparation for Monographs
Monographs are boxed and sent with the bindery shipment. Lettering information is entered in the bindery, eliminating the need to prepare binding tickets in advance.

Bindery Preparation for Journal Volumes
Journal issues are bundled together and packed at the library. The bindery will ensure that issues are in the correct order, and will use your existing journal database to prepare the volumes for binding.

Treatment Decision Making and Bindery Preparation
The library packs all materials needing preservation treatment. The bindery will sort the materials and, based on a profile completed by the library, will assign the appropriate treatment for the item, such as binding, conservation treatment or preservation photocopying.

Within days of receiving the shipment, we will sort the materials and send a detailed report to the library documenting the selected treatment for each volume. After receiving confirmation from the library, the treatment process will begin.

Copying Cover, Pastedown or Dust Jacket Information
To preserve information on the cover, pastedown or dust jacket, the bindery will photocopy this information and bind the copied pages into the volume. Both bitonal and color photocopies are available.

Color Copy Original Cover
To preserve the look of original publisher binding, the bindery will make a color copy of the original cover and use that to produce a Clear Cover binding.

Tattle Tapes
The bindery will insert Tattle Tapes during the binding process.

Shelf Help: Shelf-ready Services

Edge Stamping
The bindery will stamp up to two edges of each bound volume.

Pre-sorted Packing
The bindery will sort bound volumes by type, location, or both and will pack them accordingly. This service eliminates the need to sort the shipment after it is received in the library.

Additional Marking or Labeling
The placement of additional marking or labeling, such as “Do Not Circulate” stickers, can be done at the bindery after a volume is bound.

Bookplates can be placed, as designated, into bound volumes.

Item-specific Bookplates
Special recognition bookplates, such as those commemorating donors, can be placed, as designated, into bound volumes.

Date Due Slips
The bindery will supply and place Date Due Slips in bound volumes.

Report Preparation
The bindery can provide a wide variety of reports to meet the needs of your library. If your library subscribes to two or more Box and Bind services, or two or more Shelf Help services, report preparation services are provided free of charge.

NOTE: Not all products are available at all locations. Please contact your customer service representative for more information.

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