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Non-Standard Monograph Binding

An Alternative to Traditional Standard Monograph Binding

For items that are not usually bound as standard monographs – typically soft cover materials – we offer a number of alternative binding options. While these are all high-quality products, the ANSI/NISO/LBI Standard for Library Binding does not apply to non-standard monograph binding.

Text Block Consolidation

The spines of non-standard monographs that have been bound with hot-melt adhesive by the publisher will have their spines removed and pages will be reattached by double fan adhesive binding using an internally-plasticized copolymer polyvinyl acetate adhesive. The spine lining is a strong, woven, cotton cloth that provides maximum strength and durability. Non-standard monographs that were originally sewn-through-the-fold will have this sewing preserved if it is still intact. New endpapers will be attached and the spine will be lined with cotton fabric. Overly worn or frayed volumes, or those volumes that may be part of the popular reading collection, may be shaved when practical.


The covers of soft cover monographs are stiff and a potential failure point in binding so both the front and back covers are removed prior to page attachment. If the library chooses to retain the covers, an extra charge may be added for hinging and binding the covers into the textblock. Cover material is book cloth available in five colors that are selected randomly.

Lettering includes title and author and is usually stamped vertically on the spine. Call numbers, when requested, are also stamped vertically on the spine.


Thin single signature and square spine material. Pamphlets are covered using our gray/white archival board with black poly-cotton c-cloth on the spine. Or Pamphlets can also be covered using gray archival board back and clear PETG front with blue poly-cotton c-cloth on the spine.


Dusties are bound as received. The original dust jacket is trimmed, laminated and used in place of cloth for the cover.


If the library chooses, the original soft cover can be removed, laminated and reused to construct a new hard cover preserving the original appearance of the soft cover book. Bind slips are not required for Mylar binding.


Using advanced photocopy techniques, the original cover is color-copied, laminated, and incorporated into a new cover.


Using advanced photocopy techniques, the original cover is color-copied on to ImagEase paper and is incorporated into a new cover.

NOTE: Not all products are available at all locations. Please contact your customer service representative for more information.

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