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Periodical & Serial Binding

General Specifications

All periodicals receive the highest quality, preservationally sound workmanship. Materials are the best quality available including 100% internally plasticized copolymer polyvinyl acetate adhesives and acid-free and buffered endpapers.

Items are bound as sent with covers and advertisements left in place with issue sequence being spot-checked for accuracy.

Materials may range in size up to 12″ in height and 2″ in thickness. Oversize volumes, or volumes with different size issues, those requiring pockets, hand trimming or excessive mending or special handling may incur extra charges.

Proper Text Block Consolidation

All periodicals that are published in signatures will be sewn-through-the-fold to preserve the entire inner margin and to provide the best openability and photocopy ability.

Periodicals published with individual leaves will be double fan adhesive bound if the paper quality, text block size and weight will allow.

If the paper is glossy and inner margins are at least 5/8″, the volume will be oversewn.

Those few volumes with mixed publications (part signatures and part individual leaves) will receive special care. Either the signatures will be carefully split, rather than cut off, to preserve inner margins (page attachment will follow the previous guidelines) or the volumes will be sewn-through-the-fold with the individual leaves attached by hand sewing or oversewing.

Flex hinge endpaper is used on all oversews and the folded single folio endpaper is used on all double fan adhesive volumes. A folio endsheet is used for sew-through-the-fold volumes.

Preservation Principles

Outside margins are examined carefully to identify those volumes that have narrow margins and must be left untrimmed. Volumes that are left untrimmed will be jogged to the bottom so that the outside margins are as even and neat as possible. Leaving the margins untrimmed is an extra step and not a production shortcut.

Material used for lining the spine is top grade, woven cotton that adds strength and durability to the binding.

Cover Making and Lettering

Covers are available in eight colors. The cover material - Library SUMMIT™ - has excellent internal strength, durability, and flexibility with an embossing pattern makes its appearance ideal for library bound books.

Lettering colors are white, gold and black. The number of lines of lettering on the spine is limited only by the space available.

Lettering is formatted using sophisticated computer applications that are integrated with state-of-the-art lettering equipment.

Case Making and Case Attachment

Cases are made in order to provide superior attachment of the textblock to the case. Volumes in excess of 2″ in thickness may be bound “flush-to-the-bottom” of the case. No bookbinding structure today can support a heavy textblock in mid-air. Flush-bottom binding allows the text block to rest on the shelf and hold its original shape.

Internally plasticized copolymer polyvinyl acetate adhesives are used in both the case making and the casing-in operations. This is very important for proper adhesion of the joint and increases strength, flexibility and longevity.

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