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Standard Monograph Binding

General Specifications

All standard monographs are carefully evaluated and properly treated in a preservationally sound manner. Each volume is individually inspected to determine the following:

  • The proper textblock consolidation method that should be used
  • Whether the outer margins will be trimmed
  • If the original page attachment method can be salvaged

Standard hard cover monographs are bound as received and may range in size up to 12″ in height and 2″ in thickness. Binding of oversize volumes, or volumes with different size issues, those requiring pockets, hand trimming or excessive mending or special handling may incur extra charges.

Text Block Consolidation

When the original binding is not intact, monographs are rebound with an internally plasticized copolymer polyvinyl acetate adhesive applied using the double fan adhesive method.


If the original sewing is intact, the old adhesive and spine reinforcement lining is removed. New endpapers are hinged or sewn on and the textblock is left untrimmed.

If the first or last signatures of the book are broken, but the remainder of the textblock is sound, the endpapers and the sections are attached by stitching them by hand. These are also left untrimmed and only the endpapers are trimmed to fit the textblock.

All recase standard monographs that were originally rounded and backed will retain that shape. We will reshape the spine by hand and, if the paper will allow, we will touch up shoulders. Recase monographs may incur additional charges.

Cover Making and Lettering

Covers are available in eight colors. The cover material - Library SUMMIT™ - has excellent internal strength, durability, and flexibility with an embossing pattern makes its appearance ideal for library bound books

Lettering may be white, gold or black. The number of lines of lettering on the spine is limited only by the space available. Lettering is formatted using sophisticated computer applications that are integrated with state-of-the-art lettering equipment. Automation and efficiency limit the choices of lettering to one style and three sizes of type. Other sizes and styles are available for a custom lettering charge.

Custom Services Art books, music books, or heavy reference books – published originally in sections – can be taken apart by hand and resewn-through-the-folds. This process is very time consuming, requires great care and skill, and is subject to extra costs. This will be done only with specific instructions from the library.

Monographs bound to match a sample, requiring specific color selection or lettering arrangement, or those requiring rub retention may be invoiced at a higher rate.

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